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Importing PDFs

You can create a reference by importing a PDF into your EndNote library. This works best when your PDF has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). A DOI is a unique number assigned to digital resources.

  • Click on File > Import
  • Choose File or Folder, depending on whether you have single or multiple PDFs
  • Browse to locate the PDF or folder of PDFs
  • Choose PDF as the Import Option.
  • Click Import
  • EndNote will create a reference, and attach the PDF(s)
  • If EndNote was unable to complete the fields, then the reference will only contain the PDF, and you will need to fill out the fields manually

Annotate PDFs

To annotate a PDF:

Highlight a citation. Click on the PDF. Click Open PDF

You can underline, highlight,or add ‘PDF notes’ to the PDF. Use "sticky notes" to make comments

These notes and the PDF itself are searchable 

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