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Library Locations

Douglas Piper Library, RNSH
Kolling Building, Ground Floor

9926 4555

7.30am-4pm, Monday - Friday
24/7 swipe access is from the Westbourne St entrance

RNSH Campus map


Hornsby Hospital Library
Building 60, Level 5

9763 3932

8.30am-5pm, Monday - Friday
24/7 swipe access from public access lifts in building 60

Hornsby Hospital Campus


Mental Health Library, Macquarie Hospital
Building 30, Second Ave

8877 4310

8am-4pm, Monday - Friday
24/7 access by calling Security

Macquarie Hospital campus map


Mona Vale Hospital Library

Access via Urgent Care Centre

9998 6384

8.30am-5pm, Monday - Thursday
24/7 swipe access for hospital staff

Other NSLHD staff call Security 

Mona Vale Hospital Campus


Ryde libraryRyde Hospital Library
ELCA, L1, Bld 6 (above Emergency)

9858 7195

8am-4pm Monday - Friday
24/7 swipe access for hospital staff

Ryde Hospital campus map

NSLHD Libraries
02 9926 4555
Library locations, opening hours, 24/7 access