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Statistics- software

NVivo is a qualitative research and data analysis software used by researchers in a broad range of fields including humanities, social sciences and medical/health sciences 

NVivo is available at Douglas Piper Library (RNSH), Hornsby Hospital Library and Mental Health Library, Macquarie Hospital



SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a computer application that provides statistical analysis of data. It allows for in-depth data access and preparation, analytical reporting, graphics and modelling.

NSLHD Libraries have 2 concurrent licenses which can be used on most library PCs.


Creating and verifying  data sets with Excel (2015)
Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics (2018)
Health care and public policy (2014)
High-yield biostatistics, epidemiology & public health (2014)
An introduction to medical statistics (2015)
An introduction to secondary data analysis with IBM SPSS statistics (2017)
Jekel's epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, and public health (2014)
Measurement and the measurement of change (2016)
Medical statistics at a glance (2020)
Medical statistics  from scratch (2014)
Psychology's misuse of statistics and persistent dismissal of its critics (2019)
R projects for dummies (2018)
SPSS survival manual (2016)
Statistical methods in neuropsychology (2012)
Statistics at square one (2009)
Statistics at square two (2006)
Statistics for dummies (2011)



Statistics for nursing research (2020)
Doing research in the real world (2018)
Qualitative data analysis with NVivo (2019)
Social research methods (2016)
Foundations of clinical research (2020)
Basic & clinical biostatistics (2020)

Master classes

NSLHD Nursing & Midwifery Directorate classes are available remotely via Skype for Business. Register via My Health Learning 

Research Master Class: SPSS
Research Master Class: NVivo

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